Thursday, January 12, 2012

What Do Think of Funkasaurus

So if you have been watching WWF television for the last few months you have been met with lots of ads for the relaunch of Brodus Clay. The fans were sold this bruising monster but what we got was slightly different.

Brodus Clay The Monster

The company decided to take WWE Universe in a totally different direction. After a week to reflect on the move it is not as bad as I initially thought. Trust me on Monday night I thought I was looking at a hot mess. The WWE did the most important thing they could have done with Clay by making him a topic of conversation. The long delay in his relaunch was causing fans to lose interest in his return. If he would have been the monster as expected would the fans have bought it or been invested in this new monster heel. Not to mention the WWE lately has not been doing good with the development of their bad guys as of late.

The new funk man that they have presented us has shades of polka dot Dusty Rhodes, Akeem the African Dream and Rikishi backing it up. The one thing that all those gimmicks have in common is that they got over. Due to injuries and just lack of push there is a severe lack of stars at the top of the WWE food chain and I think fans wanted Clay to attempt to fill one of those empty spots. Right now the jury is still out on what Clay will be but for right now it will be funky.

The Funk Master

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