Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Does The Top Heel Have To Be A Wrestler?

While watching WWF programming it hit me that the majority of the top heels are not wrestlers. The people who tend to pick up the most hate from fans are not in ring performers. Then the question came to me "Does The Top Heel Have To Be A Wrestler?"

I know to some fans that this is something new but I would argue that the biggest heels during the Rock N Wrestling era were not wrestlers but managers. During the Attitude Era it was Vince McMahon and anything tied to his family. I do think that it eventually goes dry though if a heel wrestler does not use it to cash in like Andre The Giant or a Triple H. Its always helpful when its a face making a turn to heel to align them such characters but it not always a necessity.

It can be hard for heels to get over in today's wrestling climate and especially when they are on their own. It even seems that once the heel starts to get over they start to slide into into fan favorite status, like a Mark Henry.

I figured I would put together a small list of the top heels right now and speculate on whom would benefit from their association with these men.

Michael Cole
Of course on the most hated men in sports entertainment Universe is Michael Cole. Being aligned with a superstar would be a great career transition for him out of the broadcast booth and to a managerial role. The fans legitimately hate his guts and he could instantly launch a character into heel status.
Suggested Talent
Daniel Bryan - This one is actually pretty easy since he is making that heel transition already. He is a World Champion and could use someone that will help him cheat to win. It maybe a little late but I am sure the writers to could bring these 2 guys together.

Sheamus - With his current rise up the ladder as a face nothing brings heat like a good heel turn. Especially aligning yourself with shady figure. The bad guy is not totally a spot for the Celtic Warrior and a little slimy guy could benefit by having a big bruiser in his corner.

Johnny Ace
If you were looking for a big stiff guy with annoying voice you would cast John Laurinitis. Everything about him screams annoying bad guy and the fans respond to it. It also helps that the smart fans have heard negative things about his backstage politics. Not saying that he can be a McMahon or Bischoff but he is in a good spot. He already has a building block in his mist with David Ortunga as his legal council. Maybe booking him as the guy to be Zack Ryder for the US title would have really helped push him. Even with Ortunga he is going to need a A line superstar to carry the mantle for his coalition. Ace is a high ranking authority figure so he will need high ranking talent.
Suggested Talent
Triple H - Once again when you are dealing with high ranking officials then you need high ranking talent. It would instantly go over if he screwed someone the fans had an affection for like and Undertaker. The only problem with Hunter is that he maybe seen as the leader of it all but that maybe good for the company also because who knows if Laurinitis has long term staying power.

The Big Show - Not sure if most of the fan base is getting tired of this kinder and gentler Big Show but I am. The Worlds Largest Athlete needs to be intimidating and scary again. Maybe as someone who wants to the title back and will do anything to make it happen. Besides whats bigger than 7 feet and 500 pounds.

John Cena - If we are going big then why not go all the way too the top. This would be more in line to what people hate as opposed to the Kane situation. Not to mention that this would be bad news to the adult fans and the Lil Jimmy's. Cena screwing over a Zack Ryder or CM Punk would be an ideal situation. It would definately draw the battle lines a little clearer before Wrestlemania.

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