Sunday, January 29, 2012

Should Sting Have Given the WWF A Try

One of the most iconic wrestlers of the late 80's and 1990's is man known as Sting. One major distinction that Sting has is that he has to be the most famous wrestler of this era that has not spent a day in the WWF(WWE). Over the past few years there has been a lot speculation of him coming to WWF and facing The Undertaker.

Despite all of internet wrestling fans and speculators theories the idea of Sting being apart of the WWF is probably not going to happen. Nearing the age of 53 his best in ring working days are far behind him. Not to mention he seems pretty settled in over at TNA. But the question still remains "Does Stings Legacy need the WWF?"

I have mixed feeling about the issue. On one side I am happy that he never signed with Vince and held firm on keeping his legacy intact. The WWE does not have a good history building upon guys that they did not create.

Sting Reflects on Not Signing with WWF

At this point in his career he only could do a one shot deal. I am not sure if the WWF could put together the one match that Sting would want to take. More than likely the WWF creative is not going to interested in putting Sting over an established WWF talent and there is no up and coming wrestler that would create in interesting feud.

That all being said the WWF does own the entire WCW filmography and could put together the most awesome bio DVD ever on Sting. That will probably not happen as long as he is holding such a prominent role in the competing company.

Classic Sting Match

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