Sunday, January 29, 2012

Should Sting Have Given the WWF A Try

One of the most iconic wrestlers of the late 80's and 1990's is man known as Sting. One major distinction that Sting has is that he has to be the most famous wrestler of this era that has not spent a day in the WWF(WWE). Over the past few years there has been a lot speculation of him coming to WWF and facing The Undertaker.

Despite all of internet wrestling fans and speculators theories the idea of Sting being apart of the WWF is probably not going to happen. Nearing the age of 53 his best in ring working days are far behind him. Not to mention he seems pretty settled in over at TNA. But the question still remains "Does Stings Legacy need the WWF?"

I have mixed feeling about the issue. On one side I am happy that he never signed with Vince and held firm on keeping his legacy intact. The WWE does not have a good history building upon guys that they did not create.

Sting Reflects on Not Signing with WWF

At this point in his career he only could do a one shot deal. I am not sure if the WWF could put together the one match that Sting would want to take. More than likely the WWF creative is not going to interested in putting Sting over an established WWF talent and there is no up and coming wrestler that would create in interesting feud.

That all being said the WWF does own the entire WCW filmography and could put together the most awesome bio DVD ever on Sting. That will probably not happen as long as he is holding such a prominent role in the competing company.

Classic Sting Match

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lets Go Rumbling

Tomorrow wrestling fans will come together in front of the televisions to watch the 25th anniversary of the Royal Rumble. It has became one of the big 4 PPV's of the year for the WWF. The highlight of this event is the 30 man over the top rope battle royal match known as "The Royal Rumble". The unpredictability and out right craziness of the match has provided the fans with classic moments over the years. The only actual standing of rule of the match is that to be eliminated the competitor has to thrown over the top rope and both feet must touch the ground for that participant to be eliminated.

The prize for surviving through 29 other man bent on violence against each other is a shot for the biggest prize in the business at the largest event wrestling has to offer in Wrestlemania. Over 55% of the competitors who have won the opportunity to main event on the grandest stage walked away as the world champion in April.

With this blog I decided to share some of my favorite Royal Rumble moments. I also included some Rumble moments that had an impact on the wrestling world for years to come.

Rumble 2005 - Game Changer
In 2005 in Frenso, California we saw the final 2 competitors in the Royal Rumble being John Cena and Dave Batista. At this time these young men were not the legends that they are known to be today. Cena was a rising United States Champion on the Smackdown brand and The Animal was the muscle of the fading Evolution faction on the Raw brand. These two were the last man standing in a rumble that had to be restarted after they double eliminated each other. The Animal went on to win the match and face Triple H for the world title at Wrestlemania 21. John didn't too bad for himself either after he went on to face JBL for WWF title at that same event. Both young men walked away with their respective titles and dominated the World Title picture for years to come.

The King Reigns in Atlanta
In 2002 Triple H returned to the WWF family after rupturing his quad and nearly ending his career. After 8 months on the shelf The King of Kings returned to Atlanta, GA to win the Rumble and head to Wrestlemania. At that Wrestlemania he defeated Chris Jericho to become the 2nd ever Undisputed Champion in the WWF. He also set the precedent of the returning superstar winning the Rumble. As did John Cena and Edge did in later years. Will Randy Orton be one this year?

Stone Cold liked what The Rock was cooking
Before they faced off in 3 Wrestlemania Main Events and changed the WWF forever, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin were the final two in the 1998 Royal Rumble. Both of these men were not strangers and battled over the Intercontinental Championship previously. They were both now raising the stakes in their careers and going after the biggest prize in the game. Not only did The Rock defend his Intercontinental title against Ken Shamrock earlier that night but he entered The Rumble at #4 and lasted 51 minutes before being tossed out by Austin. He was one of the 1st superstars to perform double duty at a PPV. Austin went on to Mania that year to defeat Shawn Michaels and win his 1st WWF title and changed the landscape of the business.

This years event promises to be as wild and unpredictable then any in recent years. Could we be seeing a landmark moment on Sunday that will change wrestling history or will we just be watching a match helps us get a better picture of what Wrestlemania will look like.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Does The Top Heel Have To Be A Wrestler?

While watching WWF programming it hit me that the majority of the top heels are not wrestlers. The people who tend to pick up the most hate from fans are not in ring performers. Then the question came to me "Does The Top Heel Have To Be A Wrestler?"

I know to some fans that this is something new but I would argue that the biggest heels during the Rock N Wrestling era were not wrestlers but managers. During the Attitude Era it was Vince McMahon and anything tied to his family. I do think that it eventually goes dry though if a heel wrestler does not use it to cash in like Andre The Giant or a Triple H. Its always helpful when its a face making a turn to heel to align them such characters but it not always a necessity.

It can be hard for heels to get over in today's wrestling climate and especially when they are on their own. It even seems that once the heel starts to get over they start to slide into into fan favorite status, like a Mark Henry.

I figured I would put together a small list of the top heels right now and speculate on whom would benefit from their association with these men.

Michael Cole
Of course on the most hated men in sports entertainment Universe is Michael Cole. Being aligned with a superstar would be a great career transition for him out of the broadcast booth and to a managerial role. The fans legitimately hate his guts and he could instantly launch a character into heel status.
Suggested Talent
Daniel Bryan - This one is actually pretty easy since he is making that heel transition already. He is a World Champion and could use someone that will help him cheat to win. It maybe a little late but I am sure the writers to could bring these 2 guys together.

Sheamus - With his current rise up the ladder as a face nothing brings heat like a good heel turn. Especially aligning yourself with shady figure. The bad guy is not totally a spot for the Celtic Warrior and a little slimy guy could benefit by having a big bruiser in his corner.

Johnny Ace
If you were looking for a big stiff guy with annoying voice you would cast John Laurinitis. Everything about him screams annoying bad guy and the fans respond to it. It also helps that the smart fans have heard negative things about his backstage politics. Not saying that he can be a McMahon or Bischoff but he is in a good spot. He already has a building block in his mist with David Ortunga as his legal council. Maybe booking him as the guy to be Zack Ryder for the US title would have really helped push him. Even with Ortunga he is going to need a A line superstar to carry the mantle for his coalition. Ace is a high ranking authority figure so he will need high ranking talent.
Suggested Talent
Triple H - Once again when you are dealing with high ranking officials then you need high ranking talent. It would instantly go over if he screwed someone the fans had an affection for like and Undertaker. The only problem with Hunter is that he maybe seen as the leader of it all but that maybe good for the company also because who knows if Laurinitis has long term staying power.

The Big Show - Not sure if most of the fan base is getting tired of this kinder and gentler Big Show but I am. The Worlds Largest Athlete needs to be intimidating and scary again. Maybe as someone who wants to the title back and will do anything to make it happen. Besides whats bigger than 7 feet and 500 pounds.

John Cena - If we are going big then why not go all the way too the top. This would be more in line to what people hate as opposed to the Kane situation. Not to mention that this would be bad news to the adult fans and the Lil Jimmy's. Cena screwing over a Zack Ryder or CM Punk would be an ideal situation. It would definately draw the battle lines a little clearer before Wrestlemania.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Internet Stuff 4

This weeks cool internet stuff features a little bit of a rant. This week big news was made by our government because of legislation that they have been trying to pass. The anti piracy bills SOPA and PIPA are a threat to the internet as we know it. Do not get me wrong I am against piracy the same way most podcasters and bloggers are but this bill is way too invasive and would be a threat to how most of us operate. Any videos and music that is used on this blog and our podcast are only for entertainment purposes and to enhance the story that we are telling. If anything I want to bring more attention to the producers of this content.

Road Warriors vs The Sky Scrapers
This was a classic showdown with the Road Warriors and The Sky Scrapers that ended with LOD having a confrontation with another Teddy team Doom. Notice one of the Sky Scrapers Mean Mark, you may know him today as The Undertaker.

Jim Cornette On Johnny Ace
After watching another classic promo on this weeks Raw by CM Punk it made me think of this Jim Cornette interview. He gives his view of how Johnny Ace came to power in the wrestling business... Funny stuff

Colt Cabana Creative Has Nothing For You
Colt Cabana and Marty DeRosa duel it out in these comical sketches celebrating the relationship between wrestlers and writers. Directed and edited by Michael Sanchez ( Written by Colt Cabana ( ; Marty DeRosa (

The Funkasaurus, Ernest the Cat & other shuckers/jivers in pro wrestling
The Cold Slither podcast has a wonderful post on their web page where they take a look at shuckers and jivers in professional wrestling. Featured are guys like Flash Funk and Rikishi but I can't do it justice so I recommend you to check it out.

Link to the entire post - Click Here

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

What Do Think of Funkasaurus

So if you have been watching WWF television for the last few months you have been met with lots of ads for the relaunch of Brodus Clay. The fans were sold this bruising monster but what we got was slightly different.

Brodus Clay The Monster

The company decided to take WWE Universe in a totally different direction. After a week to reflect on the move it is not as bad as I initially thought. Trust me on Monday night I thought I was looking at a hot mess. The WWE did the most important thing they could have done with Clay by making him a topic of conversation. The long delay in his relaunch was causing fans to lose interest in his return. If he would have been the monster as expected would the fans have bought it or been invested in this new monster heel. Not to mention the WWE lately has not been doing good with the development of their bad guys as of late.

The new funk man that they have presented us has shades of polka dot Dusty Rhodes, Akeem the African Dream and Rikishi backing it up. The one thing that all those gimmicks have in common is that they got over. Due to injuries and just lack of push there is a severe lack of stars at the top of the WWE food chain and I think fans wanted Clay to attempt to fill one of those empty spots. Right now the jury is still out on what Clay will be but for right now it will be funky.

The Funk Master

Old School Profile - Tully Blanchard

To round out the series of old school profiles of the 4 Horsemen we finish with great Tully Blanchard. Tully was born with wrestling in his blood. He is the son of the legendary promoter and former AWA superstar Joe Blanchard.

Tully's wrestling connection actually runs a little deeper as he was a member of the West Texas State University football team. Where he was a teammate of Ted Dibiase(Million Dollar Man) and Tito Santana. Other wrestlers have been a part of this legacy including Stan Hansen, Bruiser Brody and Dusty Rhodes.

After school Tully broke into the family business. He was trained by his father Joe and the legendary Jose Lothario who also trained the great Shawn Michaels. Blanchard when on to wrestle for Southwest Championship Wrestling (SCW). He started out his career teaming with his dad and taking on the Funk brother Dory Jr and Terry. While at SCW he also learned a lot about the back of the house of the wrestling business. From there Tully made his way to the Mid Atlantic territory(Jim Crockett Promotions).

Blanchard caught fire soon as he got to the new territory and began competing for the NWA TV title in 1984. He won the belt on March 28, 1984 and defended it against the top performers in the promotion. One of his primary opponents and most seen throughout his career was Dusty Rhodes. He and Dusty wrestled many times from 1984-1986 and competed for everything including the services of Tully's valet Babydoll(Nickla Roberts).
After replacing Babydoll with JJ Dillion as his manager, Blanchard help form a group that would ever change wrestling and his career. He along with Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson and World Champion formed The 4 Horsemen. They modeled themselves in excellence have the championship legacy to prove it.

Blanchard's career continued with the pursuit of gold as he went after Magnum TA's NWA United States Championship. Tully was also able to go after the TV title and the National Heavyweight Championship. He fought guys like Magnum, Dusty and Nikita Koloff. With Ole and Arn winning the tag team titles the Horsemen were always with gold. After Ole left the group and was replaced by Lex Luger, Blanchard started teaming with Arn and became a very formidable team. The feuded with the likes of The Rock N Roll Express for the NWA Tag Team titles. One interesting feud they had was with the Road Warriors. The Blanchard and Anderson were one of the few combinations that fans actually believed could beat Hawk and Animal.

Day In The Life of A Horseman

After some clashes with Jim Crockett about their pay Anderson and Blanchard made the move in 1988 to the WWF to form The Brainbusters. Managed by the legendary Bobby "The Brain" Heenan the team quickly stuck tag team gold. The beat popular team of Demolition, where they ended their historic first title run.

In 1989 Anderson and Blanchard were due to return to Crockett Promotions but prior to leaving the WWF Blanchard failed a random drug test. He tested positive for cocaine. The news of his positive reached Atlanta and Crockett declined to resign. After that Blanchard became pretty much quiet in large professional wrestling circles. He has done a lot of independent shows and popped up on WWE television for interviews regarding his past in the business.

Today is very active in his ministry and speaking to prisoners about getting their lives together. He will be part of The 4 Horsemen WWE Hall of Fame Induction this year at Wrestlemania.

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TNA and WWE need to Come Together on Ric Flair

With the announcement of The 4 Horsemen being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year, it presented an interesting dilemma of will Ric Flair actually be apart of the ceremony. There is has been a lot of speculation on the internet on how this will actually work out for everybody. With Ric Flair being apart of TNA would he be allowed by either organization to participate in the festivities. Mind you this is all speculation and both companies could have already struck a deal without us knowing and just using the speculation to get more attention.

Well I thought I would offer my opinion of what should be done. There is no way that you can have any kind of induction of a faction without its leader. Lets take it away from wrestling. What would it look someone inducting the Jackson 5 into the HOF without Michael Jackson or the 90s Bulls without Jordan.

That being said this could be a win/win for both promotions. First of all Vince McMahon already does not see TNA as direct competition so he should not feel threatened by the fact Flair is an employee of their company. Secondly TNA should not only allow it but mention it on their program take the exposure that they have someone so esteemed and admired in the wrestling business as apart of their company. This is actually not new territory for both of these companies since they both promoted Mick Foley's last book when he was a part of TNA. The WWE could use Ric Flair and TNA could use some shine. If everyone says that they really give the fans what they want then give us the Horsemen.

Classic Promos

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Weekly DVD Selection - Ric Flair The Definitive Collection

This weeks suggestion for the DVD to watch comes from Netflix streaming. Ric Flair The Definitive Collection is a video that I came across and you know I will watch anything Ric Flair related. This has be to one of the most detailed looks at the career of the Nature Boy(hence the title). We follow a young Ric Flair from his childhood in Minnesota and learn how he got his start in the business.

From his training with Verne Gagne to his growth in Mid Atlantic take the journey on how the Nature Boy came to be. There is a good look at all of his classic feuds with Ricky Steamboat, Harley Race and Dusty Rhodes. We find out why he went to the WWF in the early 90's. Learn about the bumps and bruises that he encountered to have of the greatest wrestling careers of all time, up to his retirement from the WWF.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Internet stuff 3 - No Dirt On This Sheet

In this week's installment of cool stuff on the internet I decided to address something brought up too me. A lot of readers have asked me about inside inf or some of the rumors in the wrestling landscape. I try to stay away from that. My blog and podcast is more of an observation of the current product and a place for fans to share their love of wrestling. Don't get me wrong I will crack the occasional joke sometime or make reference to a rumor that I think is funny but I an not searching the net and calling favors to be a wrestling tabloid. There are some sites that kind of tend to take angle but not here at Ring Time Pro Wrestling.

The Latest Ring Time Pro Wrestling Show

After long hiatus the Ring Time Pro Wrestling Podcast came back with strong 2 hour show. We discussed what we liked and didn't like over the past year in wrestling and what we expect from 2012. Names like Jericho, John Morrison and Brock Lesnar are discussed. @Timdogg98 of the Cold Slither Podcast stops by and gives his thoughts. We are then later joined by Jessica and Marcus Holt for some fun.

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Classic Match - The 1987 War Games
One of if not the greatest concept for a match was War Games. I actually hope that the WWF would consider bringing it back. The Horsemen were usually the stars of the show and fans flocked from far and wide to see them get beat down.

Classic Jim Cornette Rant

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jericho is Back Let The Suspense Begin

In one of the least surprising yet highly anticipating returns that the WWF has seen in a while we saw the return of Chris Jericho. For the most part fan reactions were the "I knew it" or just plain old confusion. His return was appeared to be kind of flat with the actual fans in the arena.

Video of Jericho's Return
The cryptic messages that the WWF has been producing was not consistent with anything that Chris has done in the past. Definitely not a match for the outfit that he wore on Raw. The company deserves credit for leaving the fans with more questions than answers. They have time to craft a wonderful story around this and Chris is able to make almost anything work. Now let the real suspense begin as we find out why he is back.

Ric Flair and The 4 Horsemen

Ric Flair and The 4 Horsemen