Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Internet stuff 3 - No Dirt On This Sheet

In this week's installment of cool stuff on the internet I decided to address something brought up too me. A lot of readers have asked me about inside inf or some of the rumors in the wrestling landscape. I try to stay away from that. My blog and podcast is more of an observation of the current product and a place for fans to share their love of wrestling. Don't get me wrong I will crack the occasional joke sometime or make reference to a rumor that I think is funny but I an not searching the net and calling favors to be a wrestling tabloid. There are some sites that kind of tend to take angle but not here at Ring Time Pro Wrestling.

The Latest Ring Time Pro Wrestling Show

After long hiatus the Ring Time Pro Wrestling Podcast came back with strong 2 hour show. We discussed what we liked and didn't like over the past year in wrestling and what we expect from 2012. Names like Jericho, John Morrison and Brock Lesnar are discussed. @Timdogg98 of the Cold Slither Podcast stops by and gives his thoughts. We are then later joined by Jessica and Marcus Holt for some fun.

Check Out The Cold Slither Podcast

The Latest Creative Has Nothing For You

Classic Match - The 1987 War Games
One of if not the greatest concept for a match was War Games. I actually hope that the WWF would consider bringing it back. The Horsemen were usually the stars of the show and fans flocked from far and wide to see them get beat down.

Classic Jim Cornette Rant

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Ric Flair and The 4 Horsemen

Ric Flair and The 4 Horsemen