Thursday, January 5, 2012

Weekly DVD Selection - Ric Flair The Definitive Collection

This weeks suggestion for the DVD to watch comes from Netflix streaming. Ric Flair The Definitive Collection is a video that I came across and you know I will watch anything Ric Flair related. This has be to one of the most detailed looks at the career of the Nature Boy(hence the title). We follow a young Ric Flair from his childhood in Minnesota and learn how he got his start in the business.

From his training with Verne Gagne to his growth in Mid Atlantic take the journey on how the Nature Boy came to be. There is a good look at all of his classic feuds with Ricky Steamboat, Harley Race and Dusty Rhodes. We find out why he went to the WWF in the early 90's. Learn about the bumps and bruises that he encountered to have of the greatest wrestling careers of all time, up to his retirement from the WWF.

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Ric Flair and The 4 Horsemen

Ric Flair and The 4 Horsemen