Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wrestling needs 2 Bobby Heenan's Right Now

The original title of this post was "The WWF needs 2 Bobby Heenan's". Then I realized that the entire business would benefit from the Brain being a part of the mix. Why 2 do you ask? In addition to being one of the greatest manager (if not the greatest) Heenan was followed it up with a top notch career as a broadcaster. His insights during the match and chemistry with the late Gorilla Monsoon will never be reduplicated.

Right now wrestling is in a transition phase and the business is looking for new stars. Bobby Heenan was a star maker. He can make any heel 10 times more hated and if a babyface feuded with any of his charges he became that much more loved.

Classic Heenan Promo's

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  1. They'll never make another like Bobby the Brain! Legend.
    If there is a chance for a modern day Bobby the Brain Heenan, I'd say it's be with Vickie Guerrero or perhaps C.M. Punk after he retires.


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