Monday, October 24, 2011

Scott Hall ESPN Piece

After watching the Scott Hall ESPN E:60 piece I gave it a week to digest. I thought it was actually well put together and was not too slanted in one way or the other. The segment did not do any favors for the wrestling business. We got to see the ultimate scum promoter who put Hall out there to crash and burn in front of the world. We heard how drugs and alcohol are the norm in the business. To be fair we did get to see that Scott still does have genuine friends like Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman that still care about him. The did also highlight that the WWE has paid a lot of money to try to help Hall out with his issues.

As a wrestling fan it hurt to see this and as a human it hurt a little more. At the end of the day I hope he gets it together for his children. I don't look at this as a tragic case in pro wrestling but just as a life tragedy. The good thing is that he has a chance to turn it around.

The Entire Scott Hall Segment

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