Friday, October 7, 2011

Weekly DVD Suggestion - Heroes of World Class

In a previous DVD suggestion I recommended the WWF produced look at World Class Championship Wrestling. This week I say why don't you check out the non WWF produced product. Heroes of World Class takes a very in depth look at the organization know as WCCW. This piece still focuses on the Von Erich family but also gives a better look at the other wrestlers who helped make the promotion an international phenomenon. It allows you to get a better look at the lives and tragedies of Gentleman Chris Adams, Gino Hernandez and Bruiser Brody.

There a lot of in depth interviews with superstars from that era and gets very personal. Kevin Von Erich actually takes us to the Sportatorium before it is demolished and takes tour of the legendary building. Find out what made fans so passionate about World Class in Texas and beyond. You should be able to find this video on Amazon for a decent price.

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