Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Mark Henry Era Connects With Fans

The World Heavyweight Championship belongs to the World's Strongest Man Mark Henry and he does not appear to be giving up the title anytime soon. There has been a lot of positive feedback to Henry winning the title and he was even cheered by a fans despite his heel persona. There is a reason with for, Mark Henry's story is an easy one to believe and relates to fans.

Mark has been with the WWF for 15 years and this is his first World Title reign. Prior to this he has only held 2 other titles in the organization. Being a European Champion and ECW champ and both were 1 time reigns that were almost 10 years apart. His career has had a few starts and stops that have included injuries other setbacks. He is finally getting to run with the ball. How many of us have been overlooked on our jobs? Been passed over for a promotion that you are clearly qualified for or helped someone on a big project that you did not get credit for while someone else rode it to a big raise.

It is also not a stretch to believe in Mark as a heel champion. He is a legitimately recognized World's Strongest Man. He is an 2 time Olympic power lifter and weighs in at 400 pounds. To think that he can beat any opponent on any given night is not a out of the question. He can be flat out scary sometimes and his promos make you believe him.

Mark Henry Promo

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