Saturday, October 1, 2011

How far has Hulk Hogan fell off

While channel surfing I came across the newest venture of Hulk Hogan. He is promoting a new wrestling promotion but its not what you think. This is not a commercial for TNA or the WWF. He is not going over to Ring of Honor and DragonGate USA or even Lucha Libre USA. Hogan's newest challenge is promoting Micro Championship Wrestling. It is a wrestling organization primarily features little people as competitors. The show comes on TruTV and also features former pro wrestler Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs.

Not that I have anything against little people wrestling but this is not the place for one the greatest of all time. He is easily the most famous wrestler of all time. His career in the ring is over but if he is going to stay in the business then it should be at a much higher level. The TNA experiment appears to be failing but I would rather see him fail at TNA than do this. Could you image Michael Jordan or Wayne Gretzky putting their name on little people's basketball or hockey. I hope Hogan gets it together soon because this is sad to see.

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