Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Weekly DVD Suggestion- Card Subject to Change

This weeks selection I actually discovered on Netflix. "Card Subject To Change" takes a look at the world of independent wrestling. This is one of the more balanced looks at the indy circuit. It follows several wrestlers and show how they get prepared for shows and what goes into putting on a promotion.

We get to see legendary veterans like Kamala and Kevin Sullivan teach young wrestlers the ropes. The movie profiles a young up and coming Rhett Titus (ROH). There are also interviews with legends like Terry Funk, Jim Cornette and former WWF and current TNA Talent Developer Tom Prichard.

Also we get to see the life of an independent promoter as we see Johnny Falco of National Wrestling Superstars out of New Jersey. We see how Johnny got started out and all he goes through to put on 40-60 events a year. Falco puts out flyers clips tickets and deals with the talent.

Card Subject to Change also follows the late Trent Acid and shows a match between him and Billy Kidman. They talk about his 11 year career on the indy circuit which started when he was 14 years old. You also get a glimpse into the drug problem that unfortunately took his life. Another late wrestler featured in the film is Hall of Famer Sherry Martel. The ups and downs of wrestling before the possible fame and riches.

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