Sunday, April 29, 2012

This Week In Internet Wrestling

While cruising the wonderful web I sometimes see fun stuff that is wrestling related. I figured I would be an irresponsible blogger if I didn't share.

MVP Sits Down With Carlito
Broken up in 2 parts this session of the MVP show with Carlito give some good insight what its like to be backstage in the WWE. This one is Session 10 and I also recommend session 9 with Shelton Benjamin. Not only do you get a chance to catch up with guys who have left the WWE you get the understanding that they are real people who live real lives outside the ring.

MVP/ Shelton Benjamin vs Complete Players - NJPW

Dragon Gate Stuff
If you are not familiar with Dragon Gate it is one of the premier independent organizations in the world. A great resource I have found is The put out weekly content from the company and also upload a lot of classic material. To warn you all of the commentary is in Japanese but the action is so good you probably won't really care. Below is a link to the the most recent Infinity show the King of Chop.

The Latest Ring Time Podcast

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