Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Who's Coming Back

Unless you been in a wrestling coma for the past week you know one of the most anticipated returns to the ring has happened. Former WWE Champion and most recently UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar. So I came up with some former wrestlers of the active roster that I would like to see come back to the WWF. 

John Morrison 
Let me first say that this return will be without Melina. Sorry but she seems to have a negative effect on the former Tough Enough cast member. Morrison is actually young enough to be a long time active contributor to the active roster.

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Bill Goldberg
There is a reason I put these two legends under the same banner. The bottom line is that for the Monday Night Wars era fans we never got our dream match. I think that both of them are young enough and in good enough shape to turn out a one time only dream Wrestlemania match.

Kurt Angle
Since Brock is back then why not bring back his greatest opponent. The Olympic Gold Medal Winner and The Next Big thing have had some classic matches in the past and their actual wrestling ability lends a lot of credibility to their matches.

Written By Keith Holt
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