Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Favorite Title Belts

In watching some wrestling on Netflix last night I was reminded of how cool some of the titles. Also these current crop of title belts absolutely suck, with the exception of The Big Gold Belt. So of course I decided to share some of my favorite old school belts and ones I think they should bring back.

Winged Eagle WWF Title
Introduced in 1988 by Hulk Hogan on Saturday's Night Main Event this belt was worn in different incarnations until 2001. I like this belt because it was very classy and just a very regal feel about it. It is definitely better then the spinner mess that the WWF currently uses. Are spinners still even in style?
Notable Stars Who Wore The Belt
Hulk Hogan
 Bret Hart Shawn 
Michaels Macho 
Man Randy Savage 
Ric Flair
 Stone Cold Steve Austin

The WWF Tag Team Titles
Once again a ten thousand times better option than the shitty WWE Titles that they use today. The current belts look like the cheap plastic belts that they sell at Wal Mart of 9.99. The tag team belts that the WWF utilized from 1985-2002 were legendary. I always liked the way shined. Worn by some of the most legendary tag teams of all time these belts are timeless.
Notable Teams That Wore The Belts
The Hart Foundation
 The British Bulldogs 
The Road Warriors

The WCW/NWA TV Title
There is nothing more classic than the old school NWA TV Title. Worn by some of the best wrestlers on television. The belt that originated in Jim Crockett Promotions was defended on TV every week. Arn Anderson was the person that I most associated with title but other greats have worn it proudly.
Notable Title Holders
The Great Muta 
 Dusty Rhodes
 Tully Blanchard

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