Monday, May 14, 2012

Garrett Bischoff is no Shane O'Mac

One of the most unanimous things among wrestling fans is that TNA is showing Garrett Bischoff down our throats. Don't get me wrong its not the first time that somebody pushed their kid too hard. Garrett just seems to be getting some near main event time. Most of the time we are forced to see former wrestlers kids not the child of an executive. We have seen this actually work out before.
The golden son of the WWF Shane McMahon was the one example of the successful exec's son. Do you want to know why he was successful and Garrett is not? Well I am glad you asked.

 First of all Shane was never really shoved down fans throats. You only saw the younger McMahon in small spots at a time and every time you saw him it was an event.

Secondly you were invested in the McMahon story. During the Monday Night Wars wrestling fans were actually invested in this family that could lose it all against this competing company. The story of a young man who actually wants to be like his dad and does crazy things to gain his approval is actually closer to the story of most viewers. Garrett began opposing his father soon after he was introduced. No time to bond with the character or develop any feelings towards him. They failed to capitalize on the fact he would have heat from just being Bischoffs son. Also lets take into account that Vince McMahon is a better wrestling mind and presence than Easy E.

Lastly and almost most important Shane could deliver a match. He went in there with guys like Kane, Big Show and X-Pac and took all the bumps. Now don't get me wrong Garrett has taken his fair share of abuse in his short career but not on the Shane level.  Shane appeared to have to taken a lot of time to prepare a ring persona and develop a reasonable move set for a non-full time performer.

I wish the younger Bischoff well in his career but he just hasn't risen to the occasion yet. 

Shane McMahon vs Kurt Angle 2001 King of The Ring

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Keith B. Holt of Ring Time Pro Wrestling 
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