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WWE Raw 02/28 Review

Live from BUFFALO, N.Y. - Raw from this past Monday was okay at best. Not exactly one the best shows heading up to Wrestlemania but we have month of shows left. One big problem I had with the show was that there was not much wrestling on a wrestling show. There was about total minutes of actual wrestling on a 2 hour show. It did push some story lines for better or for worse.

Triple H helps bury Sheamus
The night begins with Triple H hitting the ring to do what challenge the Undertaker to a Wrestlemania match. (I will get back to that later) By which he was confronted by Sheamus who injured him about 10 months ago. Whom I think he could rekindle his fued with but that may have been too predictable so I can see why the WWE did not take it there. They exchange words and the confrontation ends with Sheamus going through the announce table.

Pros - Triple H looked really strong and delivered a pretty sharp promo.

Cons- He helped do what the WWE has been doing for the past month and bury a former 2 time champion that they spent a year building up. Don't know who Sheamus pissed off backstage. Although I liked Triple H's promo he did just kill the rest of the Wrestlemania card. He and Undertaker's presence already dwarf's anybody who is in the current locker room.

Sheamus vs Evan Bourne
Following his squashing by Triple H, Sheamus was placed in a match immediately by the GM with a returning Evan Bourne. Nice to see Bourne back but this match did nothing for either wrestler. Bourne goes over Sheamus in a quick squash which further weakens Sheamus and didnt boost Bourne. He had to beat a guy who just got put through a table. It would have been better to see him against somebody who could have worked a match even if it was 5 or 6 minutes.

Jerry Lawler/Michael Cole Segement
I like the segment much better than last week. Cole accepts Lawler's Wrestlemania challenge and adds some actual intrigue to the match. We know Lawler will more than likely go over but it at least explains how Cole will survive the match. Jack Swagger is introduced as Cole's trainer for the match and attacks The King. Nice way to add heat and gives Swagger some life also.

Randy Orton vs Mike McGillicutty
Orton vs Punk is now offically confirmed for Wrestlemania 27. To add some intrigue to the match the GM decided to add a stipulation to reduce the Nexus interference.
Orton over the next few weeks will face different members of the Nexus and if he wins they member is gone. If he loses that member gets to be ringside during Wrestlemania. First up was Mike McGillicutty who was able to have a good match with Orton. Randy goes over his fellow 3rd generation superstar. After the match McGillicutty was a victim of the deadly Orton punt.

I like the concept of Punk and Orton one on one at Mania but I would have like for McGillicutty to stick around. I think he can actually work. Hopefully we do see the end of David Ortunga next week.
Possibly maybe Harris and McGillicutty come back as a tag team after Mania but that is wishful thinking.

Divas Match
Bathroom break- lol

Shawn Micheals Responds to Mania Match
Shawn Micheals gave his reaction to the Triple H and Undertaker match at Mania. His bestfriend trying do what he couldn't do and end the Undertaker's streak. Micheals says he has mixed emotions but is rooting for Hunter. Hopefully in the coming weeks this will stir up some interesting things.

The Rock responds to John Cena's Rap

Daniel Bryan Squashed By the Miz
William Regal and Daniel Bryan were booked for a match that ended in no contest due to the Miz beating Bryan down before the match. There was nothing to like about this scenario. It does nothing for the US title and just makes the champion look weak.

John Cena vs Alex Riley
Cena took on Alex Riley with the stipulation that if Riley lost that he could no longer work for the Miz. In response to a challenge made by Cena to the Miz to win their WWE title match on his own. The GM decided that the match would be fair if it was a steel cage match.
The 2 actually had a pretty good match. The highlight was the Miz tweeting from the annouce table and taking a twitpic of Cena's face being grinded against the cage. I think that it was very innovative to do this during a live a event.
The match featured a Cena trying to get out of the cage continually being stopped by the Miz. Cena eventually gets out of the cage but going SuperCena and pushing the door open despite the Miz standing there trying to stop him. As Cena escaped the cage to only receive a skull krushing finale from the Miz. With Riley no longer employed by the Miz we willl see how he moves forward going towards Wrestlemania.


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