Friday, March 4, 2011

Smackdown 03/04/11 Review

On the road to Wrestlemania the Smackdown brand was able to put on a pretty decent show. Definitely a good amount of wrestling and some very solid promo work. The evening started out with Edge celebrating the firing of Vickie Guerrero last week. Where Drew McIntyre attempted a unsuccessful attack on Edge because his animosity about Kelly Kelly. Then GM Teddy Long who congratulated Drew on helping Vickie get fired last year as a stipulation of their match. Teddy then informs Drew that if he does not get into the ring and fight Edge one on one he would then be fired also.

Edge def Drew McIntyre
Drew and Edge a had a pretty good match to start the show. McIntyre worked on Edge's injured arm that he suffered at the hands of Alberto Del Rio. They worked good together in this match. Glad they are using Drew but don't know where they are going to go with him. Hopefully he has a strong showing in Money in The Bank if he is an entrant. Edge wins the match with his new finisher which appears to be a modified sharpshooter that is called the Edgecator. (Awesome move).

Cody Rhodes Promo on Rey Mysterio

This was a great promo by Cody to set up a Wrestlemania match for him and Mysterio. Not sure about how I feel about this as a match at Mania but I think they will work well together. Hopefully Cody will go over and move on to big things. He has really taken this character and ran with it. Him being insecure with his mask on is priceless.

Tag Team Champions Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel def. Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov (WWE Tag Team Title Match)
The former WWE Tag Team Champions Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov used their rematch clause against the current champions Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater of The Corre. Thanks to a Corre distraction,Slater and Gabriel retained their titles. This was a pretty quick match. Hopefully they make the tag team division meaningful again. Slater and Gabriel actually are a good team.

The Undertaker returns to Smackdown

Undertaker is back with a new theme song "Their is no grave" by Johnny Cash. Incredible theme that is a perfect fit for Taker. He delivered a good promo and really set the stage for his Mania match with Triple H. The best thing the WWE can do for this match is keep them away from each other to build anticipation.

Michelle McCool & Layla def. Beth Phoenix & Rosa Mendes
This Divas match was not bad. Beth Phoenix worked really good in this match. Laycool wins the match when Michelle McCool kicked Beth with he loaded boot.

Big Show def. Kane (Disqualification)
This match actually built some interest as the Corre tried to enlist Kane's help in taking out the Big Show. The match started off normal until The Corre showed up and slid a chair into the ring. The Kane then hit Big Show with the chair giving the Big Show the win by disqualification. Then as The Corre began to attack Show, Kane in a surprising move whacked Justin Gabriel with the steel chair. Maybe this may lead to Kane joining Show in the Corre fued.

Jack Swagger def. JTG
This was pretty much a squash match for Swagger as he further drew some heat for him being Michael Cole's trainer at Wrestlemania. Nice to see Swagger winning again. Hopefully this will lead to him moving back to a more prominent role on the roster.

Edge and Alberto Del Rio had a WrestleMania World Heavyweight Championship Contract Signing

Like most contract signings for championship matches this one ended in chaos. The exchange between the 2 competitors began with Edge having the upper hand until Del Rio's personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodgridez got involved and allowed Del Rio to get the upper hand and hit Edge with the Cross Arm Breaker again. Further pushing the injured arm angle. As Del Rio was about really do some damage Christian came out and made the save.
It will be interesting how Christian's role will play out leading to Wrestlemania and his issues with Del Rio.

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