Monday, March 14, 2011

Reviews of Wrestler Movies

The Ringtime Pro Wrestling blog officially add a new segment to the line up. Since professional wrestlers and former professonial wrestlers are active in movie making I decided that maybe this blog should do a review of these movies. Because I am such a heavy wrestling fan I watch these movies that include wrestlers.

The review is strictly my opinion of the movie. I will rate it on a 5 star system.
5- Great Movie
4- I would watch this again
3- Its okay but dont rush to see it
2- Not good but not the worst I have seen
1- You have reached the toilet bowl

The Charperone
Starring - Triple H
The basic premise of this movie is that Ray Bradstone(Triple H) is a recently released convict who just served 7 years for being a driver in a bank robbery. Now that he is released he is trying to pick up the missing pieces of his life. The main thing is rebuilding his relationship with his daughter Sally played by Ariel Winter who delivered a awesome performance.
The movie shows how Ray tries to rebuild his relationship with an unwilling Sally. To better do that he agrees to be a chaperone on her school field trip to New Orleans. While on the trip the past Ray is trying to shake won't leave him alone. Triple delivers a great performance that will draw you in even if you are not a WWE fan. He can really makes you care Ray and his future...

Rating 4.5 out 5

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