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Raw 03/07/11 Review

Dallas, TX - With the anticipation of Wrestlemania building up and the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin returning to RAW tonight was set to be a good show. Dallas did not disappoint as a great crowd.

The Undertaker made an announcement about Wrestlemania
The Undertaker delivered another strong promo and informed Triple H that he will beat him the same way he beat his best friend Shawn Michaels last year at Wrestlemania. After showing a clips of last years Mania match the Undertaker announced that he and Triple H will have a No Holds Barred Match at Wrestlemania. This allows for them be very creative and still want to see if Shawn Michaels inserts himself in this match.

Randy Orton Def David Ortunga
On the road to Wrestlemania, Randy Orton competed in his 2nd match against the Nexus. Already insuring that Mike McGillicutty will not be able to support CM Punk at Mania it was now time to take on David Ortunga. After an attack by the Nexus before the match Orton started out at a disadvantage. He was able to overcome that and defeat Ortunga. Then like the previous Nexus member Ortunga received his punt to the head. Hopefully this will result in Ortunga being gone from wrestling forever.

Christian Def Brodus Clay
The Christian/ Alberto Del Rio story added another chapter tonight as Del Rio who was escorted by NXT runner Brodus Clay to the ring informed Christian that if he wanted a shot at him he had to defeat Clay. They put on a pretty good match and Clay has a lot of potential. Christian defeated Clay in a well contested match. After the match Christian was attacked by Del Rio. They should have pretty interesting match. Christian's dynamic in the Edge/Del Rio fued leading to Mania is also interesting.

Promo for Sin Cara
I really like the push they are putting behind Sin Cara coming to the WWE. If you are not familiar with his work google the name Mistico as he was known a a Luchador. He is a 2nd generation performer who should bring a lot of excitment to the WWE.

Sunny Announced for Hall of Fame

As the original WWE Diva I do think that Sunny is deserving to be in the WWE Hall of Fame but not in this year's class. I feel like the WWE missed the boat with this Hall of Fame class. They are coming to Atlanta, the home of WCW and Georgia Championship Wrestling. No Road Warriors, Freebirds or Arn Anderson in this class is criminal. That being said I am sure Sunny will add some excitment and pop to the Hall of Fame.

Eve def Nicki Bella
The match was a bore and Cole helped kill the match by saying that no one cares about this.

Michael Cole Announces his choice for Special Guest Referee
For the match with Jerry the King Lawler, Michael Cole gets to name his special guest referee. A lot of people thought it maybe Alex Riley or Jim Ross but Cole surprised us with JBL. It was nice to see JBL back in the wrestling world and it was a nice touch bringing out in Texas. But another famous Texan showed up to ruin the party. The man everyone was there to see made his presence felt. Stone Cold Steve Austin hit the ring. After some words with Cole and JBL, hit JBL with a Stunner and as he was drinking some beer the only way Stone Cold can he came across the referee contract for Wrestlemania. Must to Cole's protest Austin signed the contract. This was a great move by the WWE. Not only does it put Stone Cold in Wrestlemania but it adds balance to the match. Since Cole already has Swagger in his corner Lawler couldnt too much stacked against him.

Daniel Bryan Def Sheamus
Daniel Bryan met Sheamus in the guys who have been getting squashed lately match. Sheamus lost this pretty quick match via countout. After the match Sheamus who had an obvious leg injury challenged Bryan to a US title match next week. Vowing that if he loses that he will leave the WWE. This match did nothing for either wrestler and Bryan needs to stop having non title matches. It makes the title not look important.

CM Punk Def R- Truth
This was pretty much a squash match. Which you had to know that was the way it going. R-Truth is a glorified job guy. After the match he was further squashed Mason Ryan, the lone member left in the Nexus.

Dolph Ziggler def John Morrison
After being fired from Smackdown by GM Teddy Long, Dolph Ziggler made his way to the Raw roster. He was accompanied by Vickie Guerrero who introduced him. It was a okay match between the Ziggler and Morrison but could have been better. Ziggler defeated Morrison and further leads to the misuse of John Morrison.
Announced for next week will be Vickie Guerrero vs Trish Status.

John Cena response to the Rock
John Cena decided to respond to the promo from The Rock from last week. It started off with Cena's bad comedy but picked up when he started to rap. His response should stay in rap. The Dallas crowd was not the most friendly to Cena. The highlight was when The Miz attacked Cena and cut an awesome promo.

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