Sunday, August 14, 2011

"Triple H vs The Rock" My Favorite Rivalry

Wrestling fans until the end of time will argue over their favorite rivalries. Well by the title of this piece you know mine is the The Rock vs Triple H. I feel like it is one of the most slept on conflicts in wrestling history. Their rivalry is spanned a few years from the late 90's into the early 2000's. They fought under every possible scenario.

Since 1997 they have been in every possible position that you could put two adversaries. They have both been heels and faces during that time and both have led factions against one another. They have fought to see who will be the Intercontinental Champion, the number contender and the WWF Championship on numerous occasions.

Whether its main eventing Wrestlemania or being the main event of the first ever Smackdown broadcast these gentlemen have had some fantastic moments in wrestling history.

Some of my Favorite Rock vs Triple H moments

SummerSlam 1998 ladder match

Backlash 2000 for the WWF Title

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