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Old School Profile - Bruiser Brody

When I started this Old School Profile series it was to connect fans with some of the under appreciated stars from years past. This is kind of a place where I pick what I feel are unsung heroes from the past. Guys who maybe a little forgotten today but where superstars of their day.

Today's pick is the late great Frank Donald Goodish, better known as Bruiser Brody. Brody was an All State football and basketball player at Warren High School in Warren, MI. He later played football at the legendary West Texas State University where many other professional wrestlers also played ball. Trained by Hall of Famer The Sheik, he made is professional wrestling debut in 1973.
Brody like a lot wrestlers from his era was never tied too much to one promotion as he traveled all over the world to compete. His most popular runs are probably his time in World Class Championship Wrestling in Texas and his run in Japan where he was long time tag team partner with the great Stan Hansen.

Brody was an inspiration to a lot wrestlers and popularized what is known as the brawling style. He was scene as a legitimate tough guy that took no crap. A lot of the Brody style can been seen in the likes of guys like Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Matt Morgan and Sheamus.

Bruiser had many legendary feuds with the likes of Kamala and Jerry Blackwell but his most famous rival is probably Abdullah The Butcher. They have had battles in Japan and in World Class Championship Wrestling. They were often bloody and heated confrontations.
Brody vs Abdullah The Butcher

Brody was known thought the business as a guy that was sometimes hard to work with. He sometimes refused to job to opponents(lose)and was known to be a pain to promoters. He had a reputation for being a little stiff in the ring. To quote Michael Hayes "When you wrestled Frank, you knew you were going to get your ass whipped." In 1988 while working in Puerto Rico, Brody met his untimely death after a confrontation before an event.
Tony Atlas describes Brody's Death

RIP Bruiser Brody
(June 18, 1946 – July 17, 1988)

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