Sunday, August 14, 2011

SummerSlam Review

Summerslam was actually a very interesting PPV that told solid stories. The matches were paced nice and were all given a decent amount of time. My overall grade for the event is an B+. This would have been an A grade but had to take points off for no Jim Ross on commentary and that horrible Cee Lo Green performance.

6 Man Tag Team Match
The Miz, R-Truth and Alberto Del Rio VS Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio and John Morrison
The PPV kicked off with a 6 man tag match featuring Raw superstars. The match was not on the original schedule and was kind of throw in. The match was actually pretty good for an opening match and let everyone look good. All of these men could possibly end up in the WWE title picture. The match ended up with the team of Mysterio, Morrison and Kingston going over. Lots of nice high spots by the high flying babyface team. Rey hit R-Truth with a a flying frog splash to finish off the match.

CM Punk/Stephanie McMahon Interaction

Mark Henry vs Sheamus
This match was pretty and solid and both men didn't shy away from the brutality. Both these men were very physical and took some vicious bumps. The match ended with Sheamus being counted out after being put through a retainer wall by Mark Henry. Both competitors looked strong and should be in for a good feud.

Dumb Cee Loo performance

Not too much to report about here but that fact that is never should have happened. Cee Loo's resemblance to Mable got more attention than anything.

Kelly Kelly(Champion) vs Beth Phoenix
Divas Title Match
This turned out to be a real solid match and they got a good amount of time to work. Kelly Kelly showed a lot of improvement in her in ring work in this match. Both divas came to the match with back up. Kelly have Eve and Beth having Natalya respectively. The match result was a shocker with Kelly Kelly outsmarting Beth with a roll up victory.

Barrett vs Bryan
This matched featured two up and coming young lions and competitors from NXT season 1. Money in The Bank Winner Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett. It was a good back and forth match with Barrett defeating Bryan. Not sure if all of this losing is good for Bryan being a MIB winner but I guess this means that there is a plan to push Barrett sometime soon.

Randy Orton vs Christian(Champ)
No Holds Barred
This one was easily the match of the night and one of the better matches I have seen all year. This has been one of the WWE's best rivalries this year. The match started off with a surprise from Christian as he announced that his best friend the Rated R Superstar Edge would be in his corner. Edge came out to a wonderful reception from the crowd and informed his best friend that he was acting like a bitch lately and would not be in his corner supporting him.

The match was a very physical back and forth contest. Neither competitor held anything back. The suspense was very high in this match because felt like either man could win at any moment. Orton took the title with well timed RKO to Christian on the stairs.

John Cena(Champion) vs CM Punk(Champion)
WWE Title Match
This is the match that the event was built on. In my opinion it did not disappoint. After such a hard act to follow in the Heavyweight title match before. Cena and Punk put on a solid show and Triple H did not over take the match as the referee. Both men hit finishers that were kicked out of. The match ended with CM Punk hitting the GTS on Cena and Triple H making the 3 count despite Cena's foot being on the ropes. So for a few seconds CM Punk had solidified himself as the true WWE Champion. After the match he was attacked by former WWE Champion Kevin Nash. After that attack MIB winner Alberto Del Rio decided it would be a good time to cash the Money In The Bank contract. He is now the new WWE Champion. Triple H guaranteed that there would be Undisputed WWE Champion but he didn't say who. The fallout from this will be very interesting.

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