Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oklahoma Bans Pro Wrestling March 31st

When I first saw this story on different wrestling new outlets I thought it was fake. It appears that as of March 31st the state of Oklahoma has been professional wrestling as well as other combat sports in the state. Talk about a case of politics going way too far.

It seems like a weird move since the state has a such a storied history of wrestling, both amateur and professional. The Oklahoma State Athletic Commission has notified promoters that it will not accept applications for pro wrestling, MMA and boxing events to be held in the state past March 31, which more or less bans the events from legally taking place in the state.
This ban is expected to effect over 200 events scheduled in the state this year including a WWF Raw scheduled for October 1st in Oklahoma City. It is believed this in response to the UFC lawsuit filed against the state. The Sooner state currently charges a 4% tax on pay per view buys no matter the event is held on its citizens who order the events.
Somebody better call wrestling's favorite Oklahoma resident so we can get this fixed.

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