Friday, December 2, 2011

Weekly DVD Suggestion - The Rise and Fall of ECW

During the late 1990s the world of professional wrestling was experiencing a revolution. We were in the middle of the Monday Night Wars and there was a 3rd company on the horizon making waves. Extreme Championship Wrestling better known as ECW put themselves on the national wrestling radar when 2 companies had dominated for so long.

The biggest impact that still can be felt by ECW is that they brought edge to the wrestling business. Before ECW the business strictly catered to the under 18 year old audience. The Philadelphia based promotion introduced the wrestling world to the young adult male audience who liked a little violence and sex appeal. We get to learn about the vision of long time wrestling veteran Paul Heyman. This DVD gives a great account of the story from beginning to the end of this promotion. You learn why Paul is considered to be a creative genius in the business.

The video also gives you some background on the performers and find out what they did behind the scenes to make this promotion spark. ECW was the first place that guys like to Chris Jericho and Lance Storm got to showcase their skills on a national level in the United State. We also get to see where guys like Mick Foley and Steve Austin sharpened their mic skills before jumping to the WWF.
The DVD gives you a look at ECW stars that you may not be too familiar with like Sabu, Stevie Richards and New Jack. Take some time and check it out.

A Sample from The Rise and Fall of ECW

The Latest Episode of Ring Time Pro Wrestling

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