Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 Year of CM Punk

This past year one performer clearly dominated the landscape of professional wrestling. CM Punk has always been a great performer and in 2011 it seems that the rest of the world caught on.

Despite taking over the Nexus and having a good series of matches with Randy Orton in the early part of the year, Punk's 2011 really kicked into high gear in June. It was revealed to the world that Punk's contract was coming to an end and he had not resigned with the WWF. This reported to not just be a story line but that the straight edged superstar was actually in contract negotiations for a long term deal.

During this stretch Punk kicked off some major wins against Alberto Del Rio and John Cena. After beating Rey Mysterio in a match that made him the number 1 contender for Cena's WWF title at Money In The Bank PPV. While he was on this stretch Punk kicked off some very well received promos. He was speaking on the state of the company and was echoing a lot sentiments that fans had expressing online. There was one promo at the end of Raw that had a lot fans wondering if WWF actually allowed him to do it. The speculation was that it was a shoot(real).

The Promo That Started It All
After the promo began the speculation that CM Punk may beat John Cena and leave the WWF with the title. Punk was successful in his quest and left his hometown of Chicago as the WWF Champion that was not signed.
While on his hiatus from actively competing in the WWF, Punk showed up at various events with the WWF title. Capped off by his epic appearance at the WWF Comic Con presentation.

CM Punk shows up at Comic Con
CM Punk returned to the WWF after they crowned a new champion. There was a tournament held that was won by Rey Mysterio whom then lost the belt the same night to John Cena. With Punk back on the scene there had to be a match to determine who was the real WWF Champion.

Summer Slam Contract Signing
After the Summer Slam match with Cena a feud was kicked off with CM Punk and COO Triple H. It involved Triple H and his best friend Kevin Nash. This feud shortly too Punk out of the title picture but kept him very relevant in the landscape of the WWF.

After going through the motions with Triple H that ended in a brutal last man standing match at Night of Champions, Punk set his sights back on the WWF title. Which he was able to regain from Alberto Del Rio.

The Straight Edged Superstar was able to maintain the belt for the remainder of 2011. His cutting edge promos throughout the year stayed on the pulse of the WWF Universe. He is able to do it by the simple that he is a wrestling fan himself. If you listen to his references he can quickly recap any moment of wrestling history. As we roll into 2012 we hope to see CM Punk to keep doing what he is doing.

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