Friday, September 23, 2011

Things I Like About TNA

In writing for this blog and talking about wrestling on our BTR show I have been accused of being a little biased against TNA. The fact of the matter is that I really like Impact Wrestling and just want to it to be a viable entity in professional wrestling. The wrestling business is much better when there is competition and there are multiple places where performers can hone their craft.

So in this post I decided to talk positively about TNA. As a company they are doing some really good work and I am excited about their future as a promotion. Impact Wrestling for the month or two has produced some really solid wrestling shows each week.

The Build for Bound For Glory
The Bound for Glory Series was one of the most innovative ideas that I have ever seen in wrestling. The layout and planning for this series had to take a lot work. The ability to work around injuries and craft interesting stories was an example of how you can create interest in a product. Also the extended promotion of a pay per view that was not going to for a few months I think will really help increase their buy rates.

The Rise of Robert Roode
The growth of Robert Roode into a main event level superstar is something that TNA can be happy about. Roode is one half of one of if the best tag team in wrestling Beer Money. He is also a member of the faction Fortune. Whether working as babyface or heel Robert Roode delivers great promos and awesome in ring work. His growth from a tag team star to legit singles competitor is a path that has been kind of lost in wrestling and TNA helping foster Roode's growth and noticing his hard work is paying off for everyone. The biggest asset I think he brings to the company is that he is a home grown star. He is not a WWE cast off or someone who built a following somewhere else. He is known to the public mainly based on his TNA resume.

The TNA Live Experience
One thing that TNA does as good as any wrestling organization is put on a live show. I hope that they get to get away from the Impact Zone more and take their show on the road more often. After seeing a few shows over the past few years I can say that they make a great effort to connect with the fans. With great in ring work and a lot of fan interaction. After the shows all the guys are usually available to sign autographs and talk with the fans.

As the company grows I hope that they continue to show the world that there is another legit alternative to WWE product.

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