Sunday, September 4, 2011

Does Cena Really Need a Heel Turn

One of the hottest topics of discussion over the internet has been when is John Cena going to turn heel? I don't know when of if this will happen anytime soon. Also I don't think that it needs to happen. He may change organically over time but this does not need to be forced. Any issues that the WWE may or may not currently have are not related to the presentation of John Cena.

Reasons Why He Shouldn't Change

1. He is not here for you
Most of the people who I hear complain about PG good guy persona of Cena are men between the ages of 25-40. Guess what, he is not for you. His appeal is mostly to kids and it appears the female fans are very fond of him also. Just like Hulk Hogan, Sting and The Ultimate Warrior were kid friendly fan favorites this generation has John Cena and Rey Mysterio. I know you adult male fans feel like that you spend money on the product but since you are watching every week and still complaining it doesn't matter. Kids may not spend money but their parents do and they want a lot more stuff then you do. Children buy action figures, video games, posters, lunch boxes ect...

2. Who is Ready to Take the Spot
Who does the WWE have that can be that face of the company. That perennial good guy that can be the ambassador of the company and the wrestling business. Say what you want but Cena as done a kick ass job at representing the WWE Universe. Take a look at his contributions to the Make a Wish Foundation. He has granted over 200 wishes to children who are suffering from life threatening illnesses. Only NASCAR drivers Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr. and former WWE Superstar Hulk Hogan have also granted 200 wishes. Cena also serves on the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s Wish Ambassador Council and assists in expanding wish-granting outreach across the United States. Now if until the WWE produces another talent that can put in that kind of work we need to wait on ruining that. (Heels are not known for making people happy)

3. Numbers Don't Lie
The WWE is the most dominant has it has ever been in the wresting business. The is no competitor on their level. That is something that was very hard to say in years past. Now I am no way crediting Cena for that but he has done an awesome job in helping maintain that dominance. The company is doing good business with him in the drivers seat. They are going to launch the WWE network in 2012 and who do you think will be instrumental in that. Who has been a Wrestlemania headliner for the last 6 big events. I will take it in another direction. When he is not on RAW for any reason the ratings go down. Conversely when its announced that he will appear on Smackdown their ratings go up. The stadiums are filled with whatever the current color of Cenation shirt he is wearing at the time.

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