Thursday, July 28, 2011

Even Wrestling is Bigger in Texas #1

We have reached the final destination of the Wrestling Hot Spots countdown. No other state has had the massive impact that Texas has had on the wrestling business. Not only has the state produced a lot of wrestlers but they have produced the most impact players. Names like Tito Santana, Barry Windham and Tully Blanchard all hail from the Lone Star state and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

When we talk all time greats Texas is definitely not short on them. It would safe to say that at anybody's top 10 there are at least 4 Texas wrestlers. Guys like The Undertaker, Shawn Micheals and Stone Cold Steve Austin are all proud Texans.The area has been home also to some of the most prominent wrestling promotions ever. Most notably World Class Championship Wrestling which was ran by Fritz Von Erich. The state has also hosted some of the biggest events in the history of the business.

Wrestling Is a Family Affair
When a Texas wrestling family says that its in their in blood they mean it. Professional wrestling has always had its fair share of families in the business but no other place has had as many big name families as the Lone Star state. Last names that have had generational impact in the business like Dibiase, Rhodes and Funk all started in Texas. Decided to list some of my favorite clans from the Longhorn state.

The Funk Family
Can not talk about Texas and wrestling without mentioning the Funk family. Dory Funk Sr, Dory Funk Jr and Terry Funk have made a major impact in the business. Terry and Dory Jr hold the distinction of being the only brothers who have both held the NWA World Heavyweight title. Terry was also big influence on hardcore wrestlers and was a big part of popularity of the original ECW. Dory Jr is a trainer and has trained such high profile stars like Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy and Edge.
Dusty Rhodes Talking Terry Funk

The Von Erichs
One of the most legendary families ever in the wrestling business were the Von Erichs. Headed by patriarch Fritz Von Erich they set Dallas,TX and the world on fire. Fritz was a legendary wrestler who also became a legendary promoter of World Class Championship Wrestling. His sons Kerry, Kevin and David were major stars of WCCW and were know world wide. WWE fans may be most familiar with Kerry who spent some time as the Texas Tornado and won the Intercontinental Championship.

The Guerrero Family
Although largely associated with Mexico the legendary Guerrero family was from El Paso, TX. This family is 3 generations deep in the business and helped bring the Lucha Libre style to the United States. Headed by the great Gory Guerrero who then ushered his four sons into the business. The Guerrero family has been apart of almost every major wrestling promotion. The most famous being the late Eddie Guerrero a former WWE Champion.

The Legend of West Texas State Football
The football team at West Texas State University has a surprising knack of turning out standout professional wrestlers. They maybe the school that has turned out the most NWA World Heavyweight Champions.
Famous Wrestlers from West Texas U Football
Dusty Rhodes
Tully Blanchard
Tito Santana
Bruiser Brody
Terry Funk
Ted Dibiase
Dory Funk Jr

Promo for Texas Legends Facing of at Wrestlemania

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