Thursday, July 7, 2011

Canada Takes #2 in Wrestling Hot Spots

On the list of wrestling hotspots we find ourselves spending time with our northern neighbors. Yes the wonderful country of Canada is the home of some of the greatest wrestlers that we have ever seen. Canada has brought us guys like Dino Bravo, Robert Roode and The Rogue Brothers.

The Hart of Canada
There is one clear and dominate wrestling family in Canada and that is the Harts. The Hart family is responsible for training some of the greatest starts that have ever been in wrestling in their famed Dungeon. Led by patriarch Stu Hart they set the standard for excellence in wrestling. The Dungeon has produced names like Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, Superstar Billy Graham and Brian Pillman. But the most famous Hart graduates are probably Stu's children. Bret and Owen Hart went on to become legends in wrestling business.
One of Stu's greatest creations was his promotion Stampede Wrestling. It was the launching pad for The British Bulldogs(Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith) and The Hart Foundation(Bret Hart and Jim Niedhart). Wrestlers like Jake Roberts, Junkyard Dog and Abdullah The Butcher all have spent time in Hart's promotion.

The Hart Family is still putting great wrestlers who are keeping the tradition of wrestling excellence alive. David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd and Natalya Niedhart all are currently on the WWE active roster and making waves in pro wrestling.

My Favorite Canadian Wrestler
Chris Jericho is one of the best wrestlers that I have ever seen. He has wrestled in ECW (the original), WCW and in the WWE. Winning championships everywhere he has been. He was worked with and fueded with some of the best of all time. Names like Eddie Guerrero, Rey Meysterio and Triple H are on the list for Jericho. Chris also maybe one of the top 5 in mic skills all time. His promos are cutting edge and can trade lines with any superstar in history. He also the lead singer of the band Fozzy who travels all over the world rocking and rolling.

Great Canadian Wrestlers
Ivan Koloff
Pat Patterson
Abdullah The Butcher
Mad Dog Vachon

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