Sunday, May 15, 2011

TNA Sacrifice Review

Overall the TNA Sacrifice Pay Per View was not that bad. Not a classic but overall it cool. It was evident that the company really needs to get outside of the Impact Zone and especially during PPV events.

Mexican America vs Ink Inc
Mexican America goes over on Ink Inc... Hernandez looked really strong in the match. Interference from the ladys of Mexican America was the difference in the match that allowed them to defeat Ink Inc.

Brian Kendrick vs Robbie E
This was the first X-Division match of the evening and will help shape the title picture. Solid X-Division match up with Brian Kendrick going over on Robbie E. Kendrick is selling this weird character very well. Kendrick defeats Robbie E.

Madison Rayne vs Mickie James(champion)
TNA Knockout Championship match
This match had a special stipulation that if Mickie won that Tara would be free from Madison Rayne. That added a good swerve to the match as Madison had been treating Tara like crap for the past few weeks. Mickie defeats Madison Rayne with a little help from Tara and retains her Knockout Title. Decent match not a lot of surprises.

Max Buck(Gen Me) vs Kazarian (champion)
X-Division Title Match
Kazarian defeated Max Buck to retain the X Division Championship after a grueling bout between the two X Division stars. It was actually good to see 2 X Division matches on the card.

Abyss vs Crimson
Not that long of a match but it was pretty violent. Not a wrestling classic by any means but Crimson did look good in the win. The match told the story and I hope Crimson goes on to do big things.

Beer Money vs Matt Hardy/Chris Harris
TNA Tag Team Title Match
Overall a good match by one of if not the best tag team in the business right now. Beer Money looked crisp and Matt and Chris worked pretty good together also. Harris appeared to be a little out of shape but at the end of the day he still performed. Storm and Harris both played on the psychology of them being former partners very well. Beer Money ends up defeating Hardy and Harris with Money performing the old America's Most Wanted finisher on Harris. Great way to end that type of match.

AJ Styles vs Tommy Dreamer
This was an okay match but really didnt set the world on fire. With Fortune members winning their previous 2 matches it was kind of predictable that AJ would lose. Especially in a match that had no rules it was obvious that Bully Ray was going to get involved. AJ is too good of a performer to regulated to this type of match on a Pay Per View that has no consequence.

Kurt Angle/Chyna vs Karen and Jeff Jarrett
The match was actually pretty entertaining and maybe been the best match of the night. Chyna looked really good and glad to see her back in wrestling. Kurt and Jeff have good chemistry and Karen is a great heel. She is not a wrestler by any means but she really knows how to work a crowd and draw heat. The match ends with Kurt and Chyna defeating Karen and Jeff with Chyna's ankle lock on Karen.

Sting (champ) vs Rob Van Damme
TNA World Heavyweight Title Match
The match was a good match but not a good one to close a pay per view. Maybe if this was Sting from 10 years ago the match would have had a little more sizzle to it. Dont get me wrong Sting has been on fire for the past few months and really help TNA stay strong with this title reign. Just a bad match up for both opponents. Sting defeats RVD to retain his title. Sting hit TWO Scorpion Deathdrops to get the pin and the win on RVD to retain the championship! After the bout, RVD raised Sting's hand in victory, while Mr. Anderson came to the ring to stare down the champion as the PPV went off the air.

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