Sunday, May 1, 2011

Extreme Rules Review

I decided to post a blog review of Extreme Rules pay per view from last night. It was a solid overall show but did not offer too many surprises. I give it an overall B-

CM Punk vs Randy Orton
Last Man Standing Match
Randy and CM Punk has a pretty good match to start the show off. Both of these guys did not mess around worked pretty good together. The GM also prevented the Nexus from interfering in this match which made it one on one. Randy went on to win the match with a RKO from the top rope. This was a big win for a guy going over to Smackdown to be their top face.

Kofi vs Sheamus
United States Title Tables Match
This was a fairly decent match and I was very impressed by Kofi and his spots. It was kind of predictable that he won so that the US title can return to Raw. Hopefully the WWE uses this as a time to get something out of Kofi and the US title.

Cole/Swagger vs Lawler/JR
Country Whipping Match
This match was semi entertaining. Anytime JR is on WWE programming it is a good thing but that was all that was good about this match. Hopefully this program is over.

Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes
Falls count anywhere
Easily the best match of the night. These work really well together. Even inspired a "This Is Awesome" and "Holy Shit" chants from the crowd. Not common at WWE shows at all. Rey goes over Rhodes with the Great Muta green mist and the 619. Very classic

Michelle McCool vs Layla
Loser Leaves the WWE
The break up of Laycool has led to this match. They actually put on a pretty good match and had decent time to work. Layla won causing Michelle McCool to have to leave the WWE. Which of course will allow her to spend time with her husband.
Kharma debuts and squashes McCool

Alberto Del Rio vs Christian
Ladder Match for World Heavyweight Title
Christian beats Del Rio keeping the belt on Smackdown. This was actually kind of surprising because Del Rio's rise up the chart but since he was departing to Raw the title I guess had to stay on Smackdown.

Zeke/Barrett (Corre) vs Kane/Big Show
WWE Tag Team Title Lumberjack match
Kane and The Big Show retain. Nothing else really to say about this match..

John Cena vs John Morrison vs The Miz
WWE Title Cage Match
The Triple Threat match involving John Cena, John Morrison and The Miz(champ) for the Miz's WWE title. The match was solid and it had some incredible spots by Morrison. He was able to bring a different element to these matches. I think he filled his role as a person who was not supposed to win but add excitement. The expected R Truth interference happened causing Morrison the match and will probably lead to a feud with those two. The match ended with Cena doing an Attitude Adjustment from the top rope on The Miz. It will be interesting to see how long Cena's title run will be and how Miz will be handled after losing the title. Especially with Alberto Del Rio being on Raw.

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