Monday, October 10, 2016

WWE No Mercy Preview Show

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  1. I listened to your show, and was disappointed in how you didn't even review the Roman/Sasha vs Rusev/Charlotte match. It was really fun, and the crowd was into it. They weren't booing Sasha, as you mentioned. Roman's 'stink' didn't rub off on her--not that Sasha is doing so great as a face right now on her own, IMO. Sasha and Roman clearly had fun working together, and his spear to allow Sasha to tap out Charlotte was fantastic. I thought this was mutually beneficial for both Reigns and Banks--he got more face heat and she was able to work with a guy who's a clear main eventer. The crowd was cheering loudly at the end for both people. But you didn't even give an opinion, other than to say Roman is 'funky.' I can't lie, I turned off your podcast after that. I've listened to you before and have enjoyed your work, but until now, you always fully covered everything that happened on the show. I think you allowed your bias to get in the way and it made for a disappointing segment.


Ric Flair and The 4 Horsemen

Ric Flair and The 4 Horsemen