Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wrestlers who Dont Get Enough Credit

In this blog I decided to compile a short list of wrestlers who I think don't get enough credit for how good they really are. These performers have danced with some of best and most popular wrestlers in the business but do not get put in the same light. Most of these men have not won world titles but they have made many World Champions look good.


Known to most fans as the complaining ex champion on the Smackdown brand, Christian has been entertaining WWE and TNA fans for the better part of the last 15 years. Christian is the only World Champion on this list. His most recent work against Randy Orton has been great but its nothing new for Christian. Being one half of the team Edge and Christian he delivered some of the greatest moments in wrestling history during TLC matches.

Lance Storm
One of the greatest in ring performers from the great nation of Canada. Having memorable runs in WCW, WWE and ECW Storm has contributed a lot to the wrestling business. Trained at the Hart Brothers Wrestling Camp with the legendary Chris Jericho he has delivered great matches all over the world. Not seen as one of greatest microphone guys, Storm does not have many peers inside the ring.

When coming up with this list one of the first people who came to mind was X-Pac. A major player in two of wrestling's most legendary factions. One of the first members of the NWO after the main three players joined. Pac was one of the few guys who could deliver quality matches on a consistent basis. After showing WCW audiences what he could do he came back home to the WWE where he was 1/4 of the revamped DX. Through his partnership with Kane and feuds with Shane McMahon and D Low Brown he has been a big part of wrestling for a while.

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