Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wrestlings Greatest Tragedy

While at home yesterday I decided to pop in one of my favorite wrestling DVDs. Hard Knocks the Chris Benoit Story. Of course this DVD was made about 3 years prior to the greatest tragedy in wrestling history. Over a three-day period ending on June 24, 2007, Benoit killed his wife and son and subsequently hanged himself. Now the world is full of tragedies that happen every day but for some reason this one really touched me. He was one of the few celebrities that I actually admired and for him to take such a coward’s way out really bothered me. I am not going to go off in this blog about what I think happened. More of I am going to remember what I liked about him and not going to treat him like wrestlings dirtly little secret. The WWE has effectively deleted him from wrestling history which I can understand. But I think they should take a deeper look at what they could have done to help prevent such a tragedy.

Now that I have addressed the negative let me talk a little about the positive. Chris Benoit was from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada who grew up a lifelong pro wrestling fan. He idolized the Dynamite Kid (1/2 of the British Bulldogs). Chris got his training at the legendary Hart Dungeon and started performing in Stampede Wrestling. Chris wrestled all over the world in places such as Japan, Mexico and of course here in the United States. I followed Chris’s career through most of its many travels. I admired a guy who was so tenacious and aggressive despite his lack of size. He has held over 32 different wrestling championships throughout his career. He could always put on a good match no matter who he was in the ring with. He would have been a for sure WWE Hall of Famer but he ruined that for himself.

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